naftule's dream
“The most remarkably flexible band of musical renegades to come along since John Zorn’s Naked City."
-Bill Milkowski, JazzTimes
Feb. 27, 2014- New Residency @ The MIddle East Club in Cambridge, MA, starting March 3, 9:30pm.  The band will play there on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, no cover charge!

December 29, 2013- Next gig: Feb. 6 @ the Lily Pad in Cambridge, MA!  10:00 hit, after Andrew Stern's trio, Ugly Beauty plays at 9:00!

December 20, 2013- All recording is done for our new CD, we are getting ready to mix!

August 19, 2013- We are finishing off our tracks for our new recording and will be mixing soon!  Next gig: Oct. 26 at the Lillypad.